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Understanding the Levels of Belief

Understanding the Levels of Belief - Part 3 of 3

Posted: April 18, 2018

3rd & 4th Level: Belief in Society & the Universe

Society – Human beings’ beliefs are, in a lot of cases, a result of their surroundings.  Society certainly affects our beliefs.  There are a number of limiting beliefs in our surroundings, and there are also many empowering ones.  We must distinguish between them, rejecting the limiting ones and embrace those which make us better.  It’s very important that we believe in our society and contribute to changing its negative values and strengthening its positive ones.

Universe – It is important to understand that the universe is not you, but rather you are an important part of the universe.  We must also understand that there are many different rules that make the universe work.  When we understand these rules, we will understand the natural results of our attitudes, thoughts and actions.

Rule of Attraction – Similar things attract each other.  If we have negative thoughts, it is likely to have negative results.  If we have positive thoughts, it is likely to have positive results

Rule of Cause & Effect – For every cause there’s an effect & for every effect there is a cause.  This means that everything happens for a reason & there is a direct relationship between what we do and what happens to us.  Everything we say, think, do or don’t do has a consequence.

Rule of Polarity – Everything has a positive and a negative side to it.  This means every blessing we have, there is a price to pay.  And for every negative experience, there is a positive lesson we can learn.

Rule of Harmony – Every one of us is a part of a greater whole: the universe.  When we harm others, we are harming ourselves.  When we help someone else, we are also helping ourselves.  This is why it is important to obey what is right.  Every time we do a good deed, we are making the whole universe better

Rule of Evolution – Everything is constantly changing.  In a world of constant change, it is very important to pay attention and remain open to learning so that we may adapt to the changing situations, circumstances and challenges we find in our lives.

The rules of the universe keep it in perfect balance.  The greatest leaders in the history of humanity have all understood and obeyed these rules.  When we believe in the universe, and follow its rules, we will certainly find success in our lives.