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Understanding the Levels of Belief

Understanding the Levels of Belief - Part 1 of 3

Posted: April 04, 2018

1st Level:  Belief in Ourselves

Before we believe in anything else, we must believe in ourselves.  Belief in ourselves is having the confidence that we can do anything!

Every human being is born with unlimited potential.  In order to achieve success in life, we must choose to believe in ourselves.  We are capable of learning all of the skills needed to do whatever we want in life.

In our lives, we must learn to use all the challenges we encounter as tools to get closer to our goals.  If we welcome challenge, accept & believe that challenge offers the opportunity of learning valuable lessons, we become invincible.  Our obstacles do not defeat us when we are unable to overcome them, but when we are unable to learn from not overcoming them.

Most people face obstacles filled with doubts, insecurity, and not believing in themselves.  To succeed, we must face our challenges with high enthusiasm and absolute belief that we shall succeed!

Throughout human history, we find that every person that shaped this world did so based on strong beliefs.  Many of our great leaders had unbreakable beliefs, the first one always being “Yes I Can!”  No matter their obstacles and circumstances, they always continued to trust, be consistent, dream and follow their vision.  No matter what, they always continued to believe in themselves.

A true leader faces obstacles believing he or she can conquer them no matter what.  If you choose to believe you can do it, you’re right; if you choose to believe you can’t, however, you arealso right.  It is always our responsibility as winners and leaders to believe “Yes I Can!”

Excerpts in this article were taken from the ATA Leadership Life Skill Books