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Pillars of Belief

Pillars of Belief - Part 2 of 2

Posted: March 30, 2018

5. Determination – Determination is to never surrender. When we do not give up, even in the most challenging circumstances, we eventually succeed.  Determination allows us to control our circumstances, rather than have them control us.  People who never quit have a strong reason to believe in themselves.  By showing determination they confirm their self-assurance and therefore become stronger.  Remember that quitters never win, and winners never quit.

6. Courage – The lack of courage can also be called fear. Fear is one of the most powerful limiting forces in life.  It is all too often that people let go of their dreams, even without making an attempt to reach them, because of the fear of failure.  By having courage can we confront and ultimately destroy the fear that separates us from our goals.  To be successful in life we must dare to dream; we must dare to trust; and we must dare to believe.

7. Humility – Being humble allows us to believe in others. When we are proud and arrogant we believe that we have all the answers.  It becomes very hard for us to believe in others and learn from them.  Humility gives us the chance to trust others and learn from them.  With humility we are open to believing in other, learning from them and gaining greater knowledge for ourselves.

Excerpts in this article were taken from the ATA Leadership Life Skill Books