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Pillars of Belief

Pillars of Belief - Part 1 of 2

Posted: February 16, 2019

In order to have strong beliefs it is important that we have a solid base.  There are certain specific requirements to building our empowering beliefs.  These are the pillars of Belief.

  1. Trust – Most people need evidence in order to believe. This makes their ability to behave limited.  Trust, however, gives us the ability to believe even in the absence of scientific proof.  Trust allows us to believe despite our doubts.  Trust also allows us to believe in ourselves and others, even beyond our mistakes.
    When we are children we should trust our parents, teachers and mentors.  As we grow, we must learn to choose who to trust.
  2. Consistency – Without consistency our thoughts change over and over again. Then, we end up with a random variety of thoughts, which will push us towards a random variety of actions.  In this scenario, our results are unpredictable.  Consistency allows us to maintain the same idea, create a standard, a structure or a system.  This way, our beliefs are made stronger.  True consistency results when our actions are in line with our thoughts, our words and our goals.  Consistency builds our belief in ourselves; lack of consistency weakens our self-esteem.
  3. Dream – A dream is a fantastic, vivid, visualization of a situation we want. We use dreams as motivation to move towards our goals.  Our dreams give us a reason to commit, take risks and make sacrifices.  They give us a reason to believe.
  4. Vision – Beyond a dream, vision is a detailed picture of that desired situation to which we are truly committed. A dream without a vision will always remain a dream.  A dream with a vision will certainly become reality.


Excerpts in this article were taken from the ATA Leadership Life Skill Books