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Pillars of Belief

Defining Belief - Part 2 of 2

Posted: February 16, 2019

Often the beliefs we are most influenced by in our lives are negative and tend to limit us.  Positive beliefs, however, are the best way to achieve total happiness and success in life.  We must get rid of negative, limiting beliefs, which bring us negative or limited results.  We must always choose positive, empowering beliefs, which bring us closer to our goals.

When we choose to use empowering beliefs, we are on the path to unlimited success.  The sooner we choose this path, the more we will achieve in life.  We must control our beliefs or they will control us.  We become what we believe, and what we believe usually becomes reality in our lives.

Of course, it is easier to influence the beliefs of a seven-year-old than it is to challenge the beliefs of a twenty-seven-year-old, because beliefs grow stronger with time.  This is why it is so important for us to surround ourselves with positive mentors in the early stages of our lives.

All Star ATA Martial Arts has some of the best instructors here in the Little Rock area & Memphis.  They are internationally certified in the ATA and take their responsibility seriously.  They can be some of the best mentors for students of all ages!  See why All Star ATA students learn to have the confidence to keep negative beliefs from affecting their every day lives!

Excerpts in this article were taken from the ATA Leadership Life Skill Books