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Understanding the Levels of Belief

Understanding the Levels of Belief - Part 2 of 3

Posted: April 11, 2018

2nd Level: Belief in Others

These are the beliefs we learn from our parents, teachers, mentors and friends.  They shape our ethical and moral values, which become the guidelines we live by.

We are all influenced by many people in our lives.  We learn many different beliefs from teachers, mentors and even friends.  Because we have a natural urge to “fin in”, our tendency is to make our beliefs match those of our social circle.

Undoubtedly, our parents are the most influential of all.  Because they love and care for us, they always want what is best for us.  This is why we must believe in our parents.  Unfortunately, our parents’ beliefs are not always empowering.  Therefore, it is our responsibility to learn from them those beliefs that do make us better.

When we are children, teachers can also have great influence on us.  In fact, many of our beliefs are reflections of the guidance we received from our educators.  But again, many of their beliefs may not be positive for us.  This is why believing in ourselves must come first.  Did you know Michael Jordan’s first coach said he was too short to play basketball?  His next coach, however, did believe in him… but most importantly, he believed in himself.  We all know what happened later in his basketball career!

One very effective way to shape our beliefs favorably is to choose role models for the different areas of our lives & imitate those people.  You can see how they act and what they do, and act and do the same yourself.  While there are many famous people that are great roll models, it is very important that our chosen role models be people with whom we have actual contact.  This gives you a much greater chance to learn through personal experience.  It is always our responsibility as winners and leaders to believe “Yes I Can!”


Excerpts in this article were taken from the ATA Leadership Life Skill Books