Within society, we choose to relate with others based on what we see.  For example, teenagers are often drawn to groups of people that look like them.  Next, we are influenced by what we hear, often choosing to listen to others who speak the same language or in the same way we do.  Another thing […]

Actions always speak louder than words.  The ultimate and most effective form of communication is leadership by example.  When we show our very best by demonstrating respect, cooperation, courtesy and love for others, we are likely to awaken admiration in others.  When others see our high standards of behavior and then try to emulate us, […]

There are 4 basic kinds of active listening responses: reflective, probing, supportive and advising.  Reflecting is repeating the message we heard to make sure we fully understood what the speaker meant.  Probing is when we ask or more information; usually by asking questions.  Supportive responses are when the listener relates to the speaker or their […]

Listening is perhaps the most important piece of communicating.  Great speakers have always been great listeners.   The famous philosopher Socrates said that the person who listens is the person who controls the discussion.  If we consider that we are all born with two ears and one mouth, it makes sense to conclude that we’re meant […]