Communication is “the link between the world and me.”  Communication is how we relate to ourselves and everything around us.  It is so important that the success of a society depends on how well it communicates.  The word communication comes from the word “common”, which means “equal.”  This means that in order to communicate […]

Mens Karate Kick Martial Arts Training for Real Life Situations

Picture this. It is late in the night and you are walking back home by yourself. Suddenly, you see someone jumping onto your path from one of the alleys and trying to mug you. Would you feel more prepared to fight off the mugger and save yourself if you were trained in martial arts? Martial […]

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Learning any form of martial arts can result in a ton of benefits. You can get fit, develop self-confidence, gain discipline, and learn to defend yourself. But, one of the greatest benefits you can receive from learning martial arts is the ability to lead or become a leader. Leadership skills are very much a part […]

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Cyber week sale: Offer good through December 6 only. 1) Belt display rack regular price $85 on sale $70 2) upgrade your membership to leadership or CIT and receive a free RED or Bkack uniform 3) register for the New Year’s Camp Jan 3 Reg price $35 on sale $25 Promo code; Black Belt Santa […]