Within society, we choose to relate with others based on what we see.  For example, teenagers are often drawn to groups of people that look like them.  Next, we are influenced by what we hear, often choosing to listen to others who speak the same language or in the same way we do.  Another thing […]

  Communication is “the link between the world and me.”  Communication is how we relate to ourselves and everything around us.  It is so important that the success of a society depends on how well it communicates.  The word communication comes from the word “common”, which means “equal.”  This means that in order to communicate […]

Often the beliefs we are most influenced by in our lives are negative and tend to limit us.  Positive beliefs, however, are the best way to achieve total happiness and success in life.  We must get rid of negative, limiting beliefs, which bring us negative or limited results.  We must always choose positive, empowering beliefs, […]

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