Communication Level 4 – Lead (part 2 of 2)

Lead allstar 1024x770 Communication Level 4   Lead (part 2 of 2)

Within society, we choose to relate with others based on what we see.  For example, teenagers are often drawn to groups of people that look like them.  Next, we are influenced by what we hear, often choosing to listen to others who speak the same language or in the same way we do.  Another thing that encourages us to connect is when we share a common activity, like a sport or a job.  Finally, after we get to know each other, we form the strongest connections and communicate best with those whose beliefs are similar to ours.

An important thing to remember about communication throughout the world is that people from different cultures can have completely different meanings to the same motion or word.  In America, for example, looking at people in the eyes is considered good manners, but in other cultures it is considered extremely rude.  This makes it easier to get past these differences and relate successfully.

Leadership is about how we look, how we listen, what we say, what we do and who we choose to be.  When we lead, we put ourselves in a position to achieve whatever we want in our lives and also make a positive impact on the world.  That’s why it is our responsibility as leaders to set the example and make a difference.

Excerpts in this article were taken from the ATA Leadership Life Skill Books