All Star Martial Arts appreciates the support of MIMUS Marketing – 2018 Rock City Regional Presenting Sponsor!  They provided amazing video footage of the entire event!  If you are interested in having them video your event, including ARIAL DRONE FOOTAGE, visit them at:

All Star Martial Arts wants to thank AMY LOFTEN, INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT USBORN BOOKS!  We appreciate their support of the students and families across the ATA and being a sponsor of our tournament circuit!  We look forward to seeing them at our Conway Regional Championships!  Please support them by visiting their website at:

Listening is perhaps the most important piece of communicating.  Great speakers have always been great listeners.   The famous philosopher Socrates said that the person who listens is the person who controls the discussion.  If we consider that we are all born with two ears and one mouth, it makes sense to conclude that we’re meant […]

The first level of communication involves how we see ourselves, others, our community and the world.  Visual communication is a form of communication without speaking.  We must remember that sight is perhaps the sense that we rely on the most.  For that reason, our appearance becomes very important in dealing with people.  We can improve […]